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BEIS published case study on how genomic data was shared during the pandemic

BEIS has published a case study on how genomic data was shared during the covid-19 pandemic. This report discusses the highlights and challenges that were faced for genomic data sharing through this time, including how these could be addressed going forward. Some of the issues discussed include the difficulty in gaining the data in the first place and the associated…
Ben Kemp
November 18, 2022
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BIVDA featured in MedTech Insight

Doris-Ann was quoted in MedTech Insight in an article which examined genomic testing access in the UK. The publication concluded that there was still much work to be done within the NHS to fully take advantage of genomic testing – pointing squarely at an ABPI report which suggests several recommendations. They also suggested that the UK can learn much from…
Natalie Creaney
November 18, 2022
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New NHS Genomics Strategy released

The NHS have released a comprehensive strategy for embedding genomics in the NHS over the next 5 years. It is their intention to accelerate the embedding of genomic medicine across the NHS, therefore providing a world leading, equitable service to populations and individuals. In the report, a number of ambitions have been outlined, including: creating an innovative, world-leading genomics service…
Ben Kemp
October 21, 2022
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Call for NHS to adopt genetic testing to improve medicine matching for patients

The British Pharmaceutical Society and the Royal College for Physicians have published a report pushing for pharmacogenomic testing to better tailor patient prescriptions and save money caused by adverse drug reactions. They claim this testing will ensure patients receive the correct drug and dosage – as prescription drugs work for only 30-50% of the population – while avoiding potentially dangerous…
Ben Kemp
April 1, 2022