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BIVDA updates

Recent BIVDA-specific updates, including notice of organisation changes or requests for feedback.

MedTech Europe updates

Recent updates from MedTech Europe, including notices in relation to direct MedTech Europe work, or from European organisations.

European Commission updates

Recent updates from the European Commission.

European Chemicals Agency updates

Recent updates from ECHA in relation to chemicals on the EU market.

UK Government updates

Recent updates from the UK Government including APHA, DEFRA, DHSC, and MHRA.

Chemical Watch updates

News from Chemical Watch; the global subscription for chemicals news and analysis.

Industry newsletters

Recent publications from other industry organisations.

FDA updates

Recent updates from the FDA relating to the US market.

Upcoming events

Notice of upcoming events by BIVDA or other related stakeholders.

Funding/grant opportunities

Notice of new grants that members may be eligible for or find useful.

Other updates

Misc. updates for members.


All Regulatory & Environmental archived posts.