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We held our first in person Genomics working party meeting (ever) on Monday at the BIVDA offices!

By March 4, 2022No Comments

This group finally met “in person” following the end of Covid rules and conducted a “Hackathon” to understand the requirements to make progress towards an ecosystem and regulatory framework.

We welcomed MRC who outlined the feedback and requirements relating to the Cancer Summit. Members were asked to contribute their thoughts on the key objectives from the report. The overall consensus around the challenges is that data and consent need to be addressed fully in detail in order to effect any change. Further information for members can be found in the Engagement pack.

At January’s roundtable event with NHS England, MHRA, NICE and NHS Trusts, we decided to follow up with a Hackathon to further explore issues arising from the roundtable and to identify the roles of industry and the NHS to improve access and adoption of advanced diagnostics.

The structure of the meeting was centred around 4 key questions, each was examined in detail.

1. How can an advanced diagnostics ecosystem be established within the NHS, with the aim of furthering the UK as a science superpower?

2. How is the development of an advanced diagnostics ecosystem best resourced? How can we resolve the disconnect between approval, reimbursement and uptake?

3. What are the best models for fostering collaboration between the NHS and biotech?

4. How is the horizon in advanced diagnostics best scanned to ensure the sustainability of the advanced diagnostics ecosystem?

We welcomed Angela Douglas MBE to coordinate and challenge companies and are delighted to have a number of other distinguished representatives from the Genomics hubs and also from UK CPI.

This event was well attended and really effective in person, and we look forward to welcoming members in person at future events where this type of engagement is paramount. We will still continue to offer blended meetings in the majority of times.

BIVDA intends to maintain the principles of Covid guidance in terms of space, and ventilation and we do ask that visitors have a negative LFD test prior to attending and do not attend our events if feeling/showing symptoms.

Notes and Actions from the meeting will be sent to members shortly.