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Global Genomics Conference announced for 23 May

By April 8, 2022No Comments

Public Policy Projects has organised a ‘Global Genomics Conference’ 2022 event, sponsored by Genomics England (a member of BIVDA).

The event will provide a platform for the exploration and discussion of some of the key policy and ethical considerations of participation in genomics and builds upon the more specific work that PPP has conducted and is conducting in the UK specifically and via its  global genomics programmes of work.

At this Conference will be public and private sector leaders, and policy, academic & research leaders.

PPP says “our intention is not to lead with the science – there are many other, better qualified, fora for these discussions – but to lead with policy, both very specific, actionable policy when it comes to the UK specific discussions and broader policy insights when it comes to areas of global focus.”

This is a four-day event, starting on 23rd of May 2022. This event consists of three days of webinars and one in-person conference held in London.

Find out more info and register at this page.

Ben Kemp