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Genomics Working Party – Issue 943

By September 10, 2021September 17th, 2021No Comments

Genomics Working Party Meeting update – 9 September 2021 

The Genomics working party was held on Thursday this week.

Angela Douglas MBE, from NHSE/I presented to the group and took part in an open discussion about the NHS landscape, and how Industry represented by BIVDA could be more involved with the development of innovation and the uptake of innovation.

Key themes which were discussed, which also come up across other work streams, were research, real world data, uptake and evaluation of products and supplier engagement.

We were delighted to confirm that the priorities of the NHS and BIVDA members are fully aligned and were able to discuss some of the potential enablers to develop an ecosystem and regulatory environment that lends itself to improve patient outcomes.

BIVDA will be following up with Angela to discuss how to take the next steps in terms of engagement with stakeholders in the Genomics hubs, and which questions are already out there in these stakeholder networks that they are seeking answers from industry for.

There is recognition and understanding of the challenges faced by members and we are looking forward to support innovations matched to gaps in the pathways.

There is a group called the Beneficial Changes Network which is looking at what stopped during the pandemic that shouldn’t have, and what stopped that had no material impact on patients to ensure that that lessons are learned, and resources are utilised more effectively, and this is intended to be published in the future.

We are aligning more closely with EUCOPE and intend to host a joint Roundtable with details to follow with a working title of – ENSURING PATIENTS ACCESS TO ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS IN UK

In terms of the progress for the Early Cancer Diagnosis workstream we are working with DHSC and OLS on, we held a meeting with a representative of the EU Cancer commission and have future plans to join a forum. Prof. Richards and David Fitzgerald have been put in contact to discuss the work done so far and best practice.

There are a series of roundtables this week and next – Hosted by Trade associations where member companies are invited. Questionnaires were sent out and returned for non-attending companies to ensure we can represent companies fully. BIVDA is hosting “Diagnostics uptake by the NHS (NHS procurement, adoption and spread)”. This is not specifically related to Genomics, but issues and experience will be discussed from a wider viewpoint.

We also discussed the Diagnostics Accelerator – an avenue for Innovation to improve and take the positive experiences of Covid-19 related products wider across IVD and Diagnostics. Further updates will be provided as the work progresses.

For the regulatory framework, lab developed tests were discussed, and there is a new ISO standard being developed that members should feed into if possible. For further information, please contact Helen

Minutes will be available to members shortly.