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Genomics Working Party, 26 January 2023

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BIVDA held the first working party of the year at the BIVDA offices to finalise the White Paper on a new narrative on value frameworks and partnership models which was commissioned on behalf of members.

The objectives of the meeting were to collectively review the evidence collected during company interviews and literature review, discuss evidence surrounding the role of partnerships and policy solutions in addressing challenges in the genomics diagnostics landscape and provide the context for our draft whitepaper in advance of offline review.

The meeting was a recap on report objectives and methodology for development and explored the value of Genomic Diagnostics with evidence of the value of genomic testing to UK patients, healthcare providers and the health system, and to society more broadly.

The role of partnerships was discussed, along with the evidence of the value of partnerships in overcoming challenges for manufacturers in the genomics diagnostics landscape, and then the meeting closed with a summary of proposed policy solutions to foster new partnerships and address the root causes of these challenges.

The overall project objective was to develop a novel, evidence-based industry report supporting the wider implementation of genomic testing to address the following questions;

  • What value does genomic testing bring to patients, physicians, health systems, and society?
  • How robust is the evidence to support communication of these benefits?
  • What factors could prevent these benefits materialising?
  • How might the UK suffer from missing out on these potential economic and societal benefits?
  • What previous successful examples of partnerships exist in the UK?
  • How have these improved patient access to genomic testing?
  • What key enablers have driven these partnership models?
  • How could such partnerships be implemented more systematically?

The approach involved a literature review, case study analysis and interviews with diagnostics companies, looked at the recent developments and challenges in the genomics diagnostics landscape – established the context for this research – and develops a value framework for both individual and wider benefits of testing.

The report has input from Genomics England and the NHS England CSO’s. There were 20 case studies, and 10 company interviews undertaken.

The draft report has been circulated as embargoed to members of the working party for their final review along with the CSO office at NHS England.

For further information, please contact

Ben Kemp