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About our other Panellists


Cleve Wright

Cleve Wright is a director of HORIBA UK Limited, a leading manufacturer in the fields of energy and environment, materials, and semiconductor, as well as bio and healthcare. He comes from an engineering background and has a great deal of experience in healthcare diagnostics.

Former member of the BIVDA Executive, Cleve is keen to work collaboratively to promote Equity, Inclusion and Diversity within our industry.

Helen Dent

Helen is chief operating officer at BIVDA (the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association) and comes from a procurement & commercial background, having held roles at Abbott Laboratories, NHS PASA and NHS Blood and Transplant for Pharma and Diagnostics procurement.

Adrian Forbes

Adrian is an English former professional footballer and currently head of coaching and player development at Luton Town FC. He is a graduate of the Premier Leagues Elite Coaches Apprenticeship Scheme./

Natasha Rees

Action-oriented, driven, enthusiastic business unit director and leader of people and projects, Natasha leads the UKI clinical nutrition and pharma business at Baxter. She has a passion for diversity, equity and inclusion, and delivering tangible change in the workplace and society.

Yam Sumbwanyambe

Associate director at MSD, Yam is passionate about empowering and enabling those that can, to deliver optimal and equitable healthcare outcomes. He is a dedicated champion of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Del Cohen

Del is Managing Director at Besins, a company that produces drugs for the treatment of gynaecological, fertility and obstetrical conditions as well as androgen deficiency. It has become a renowned player in the area of hormonal therapies.

Natalie Creaney