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The NHS adopt PPN 06/20 from 1st April 2022

By March 25, 2022No Comments

From April 1st 2022, the NHS will implement the requirements of PPN 06/20 which will mean that there will be a minimum 10% weighting for social value applied to all NHS tenders.

The Government Social Value Model has 5 themes which are: –

  1. Fighting climate change
  2. COVID-19 recovery
  3. Tackling economic inequality
  4. Equal opportunity
  5. Wellbeing

The NHS has indicated that the main focus will be on the theme Fighting climate change, however other contracting authorities may choose or add in other themes or use different evaluation models.

Guidance has been created for NHS procurement teams to help them unlock NHS specific net zero and social value outcomes.

The publication includes guidance on: –

  • Selection of themes to be included in each tender, to ensure relevance to the contract and consideration of local priorities, and to be related to health outcomes and inequalities
  • Fighting climate change to be included in all tenders – either in the technical specification, through the social value criteria, or a combination of both
  • Examples of opportunity areas associated with each theme
  • Net zero and social value weighting to be 10% or greater
  • Inclusivity of SMEs and VCSEs
  • Health focused questions for each of the themes
  • Examples of contract management – KPIs and supplier reporting

The Social Value requirement should be: –

  • Proportionate
  • Linked to the subject matter of the contract
  • Specific to Contract delivery
Ben Kemp