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UK medical device agents and UKRP registration

By March 10, 2023No Comments

Please see below a Q and A in reference to a UKRP.

  1. Is it possible to transfer to a UK agent?
  2. If transfer is possible, will the procedures and registered medical devices be transferred as well?
  3. If transfer is not possible, should the medical device be registered under the name of a new agent?

Only one UKRP is permitted for all product ranges.

There is currently no functionality to transfer a represented manufacturer from one UKRP or Northern Ireland Authorised Representative to another

The UK company will have to create a new UKRP account and register the represented manufacturer once the existing UKRP has unregistered them.

Therefore, existing UKRP needs to unregister the manufacturer. Please ask the manufacturer to contact their existing UKRP to request the above.

Please see full guidance, reference guides for our system and video tutorials on our website at”

Natalie Creaney