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BIVDA previously ran a UKCA sub-group which was an off-shoot of the Regulatory Affairs Working Party. This group hasn’t met recently due to insufficient content.

Now that we have slightly more clarity on the UKCA regulations and MHRA have committed to introducing timeline legislation in Spring 2024, we thought this was the opportune time to restart this group.

The UKCA sub-group will next meet at the end of November. Registration will be available closer to the time.


  • UKCA so far and what the sub-group have done
  • Future objectives of the group
  • Sub-group Chair and Vice Chair
  • Future meetings

The purpose of the group is to explore how best to support MHRA with the process for the generation of a new regulatory framework for the UK. These meetings are to disseminate relevant UKCA updates to BIVDA members and discuss any practical challenges for implementation.

Information will still be provided within the Regulatory Affairs Working Party meetings on UKCA, but at a higher level than has been provided over the past year.

If you would like to be a part of this group, please let Natalie know and we will include you on the circulation list. This includes notice of when registration for the November is available.

Please complete the Doodle Poll to determine a date for the next meeting.

For any questions on this group, please contact Ashleigh or Stuart.

Ben Kemp