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Please note this is an extract of the original bulletin.

Consistency in household and business recycling in England

Page summary:
Seeking views on our plans to increase the consistency in materials collected for recycling in England.

Change made:
We have uploaded a new version of the Summary of consultation responses report (PDF). An earlier version of this report incorrectly stated in the executive summary that, ‘two thirds of respondents (65%) disagree with the proposal to provide caddy liners and one quarter (24%) express support’. It was also incorrectly stated that, ‘three quarters of respondents disagree that anaerobic digestion plants treating food waste should be required to include a composting phase’. The Executive Summary has been temporarily redacted while we assess it for further potential errors. The main body of the report remains accurate and valid, as do all statistics referring to stakeholder responses in the official government consultation response. Additional details of stakeholder responses to question 30 of the Simpler Recycling (previously ‘Recycling Consistency’) 2021 consultation and an appendix have been added to this version of the Summary of consultation responses report. These sections were missing from the version uploaded to GOV.​UK on 21 October 2023.