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Procurement Working Party – Credentialling Update

By October 29, 2021November 18th, 2021No Comments

As we have previously stated, BIVDA and Intellicentrics have been working on creating a framework for collaboration to benefit members which is an important step in delivering a better information about credentialing which will allow us to work together to ensure that it is relevant and proportionate to our sector. Intellicentrics took an action to work with us to develop appropriate needs for IVD members and work with hospitals to implement.

Whilst further detail is still outstanding, I am pleased to inform you that BIVDA members will get an exclusive discount from Intellicentrics upon registration of 10% upon provision of your BIVDA membership number, the process for this will follow in due course.

In addition to this, I am delighted to inform you that Intellicentrics have agreed with their current hospitals that BIVDA members will only be asked for the following criteria for Sec3ure sign up; You should note that for general access, there is no DBS required. DBS is required if accessing any areas with patients or vulnerable people.

Full Name
Phone Number
Shipping details for GO!BADGE
Manager Name
Managers Email
Attachment to all LOCS individual visits
General Liability Insurance
Product/Service Competency
Covid-19 Vaccination Evidence
LFT Test every 4 days
Hep B if working with Bloods

There is an exceptions process for any exemptions required. Any questions can be addressed to either me or

I understand that this doesn’t remove appointment booking altogether nor does this address the requirements for MIA or LSI at this stage, but I hope you will agree that it lessens the burden whilst I continue to progress with other avenues.

On this note, an LSI only card will be available shortly, which does not require MIA registration. I will keep you updated as things move along.

Please contact me  if you want a list of Sec3ure locations to be provided.