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BIVDA held our spring Procurement Working Party at the BIVDA offices in London.

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The meeting was a blended meeting with speakers and members in attendance in person and virtually.

We covered the Government response to the Procurement Transformation Green Paper, BIVDA submitted a response to the consultation last March.

There are some interesting changes and there will be more information shared in due course. The basic outline of the changes are in the presentation which has been sent with the recording. Please let me know if you would like a more detailed discussion directly, I’m more than happy to go through with companies individually, it is complex and there is more consultation expected in due course.

We were delighted to welcome Jane Mills from NHS England to give us an update on Pathology Networks and an explanation on maturity programmes.

Most of you will be aware of the KPI project that is ongoing. This project is split into 4 separate sub-groups. The first, NHS Best Practice paper is being led by Darren Stenlake, BIVDA Chairman and Service Director at Sysmex. Darren has been working with a group of different stakeholders from the NHS, NHS England and ABHI to develop a methodology of KPI application.

The other sub-group in progress is the Contract management guidance which aims to delve into more detail for non-contracting staff (laboratory managers etc) to understand how to manage certain contract terms and what they mean in practice. This aims to avoid frequent issues that are easily dealt with without any KPI requirement. This is ongoing as it needs to be aimed and land just right to be effective. This is being done in close discussion with NHS England and NHS colleagues.

The 2 other sub-groups can’t start until these are completed and ratified at the KPI Steering Group which is due to be held in April. These are Implementation of the guidance and an Industry position paper.

John Bagshaw came to provide an overview of the Market Audit, this is free for members to join and gives an in depth analysis of market dynamics in the UK. To join or find out more about this report, please contact me.

Finally, we had a mentimeter session on future topics. BIVDA is member led and we will arrange training, speakers and any relevant information for any topic that members want us to cover. We need you to let us know what you need from us, as whilst we have a general agenda which is set out annually at our AGM which is being held at the Godfrey Mitchell Theatre, One Great George Street, Westminster, SW1P 3AA this Thursday. Please register HERE to join us in person on the day!