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World AMR Awareness Week 2023 radio appearances

By November 24, 2023December 1st, 2023No Comments

On Wednesday, I had the honour of appearing on two radio shows to mark the significance of World AMR Awareness Week 2023. Engaging with different hosts and audiences to raise awareness of the growing threat that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) presents to global health was a truly rewarding experience. I felt incredibly proud to discuss BIVDA’s role in highlighting the crucial impact of diagnostic testing in antimicrobial stewardship. As part of this, I was able to draw attention to how we are at the forefront of advocating for an expanded use of diagnostic tools beyond laboratory settings, from A&E triages to pharmacy, in the ongoing fight against antimicrobial resistance.

We also talked about the incredible work our team is doing in advocating for greater awareness, more funding and effective implementation of AMR strategies. The value of cross-industry collaboration – from all stakeholders, including Government, NHS and NICE, to pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry players, to healthcare professionals – is of course fundamental to our collective ambition to eradicate antimicrobial resistance and improve patient outcomes for those with severe infections.

You will receive a highlight reel of my interviews, along with the radio interview recordings, as soon as I receive them. I look forward to sharing them with you and thank you all again for your support in my new role as interim CEO and your trust in me to represent the wonderful work of BIVDA.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend when it comes!

Ben Kemp