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Why data protection matters

By May 14, 2024No Comments

As an SME, new start-up, sole trader or large organisation you probably have information about your customers, staff, or others that you deal with. It’s essential to help you deliver the products or services you provide.

This can include contact details, payment information, CCTV footage, or even more sensitive information.

People trust organisations with their details, so it’s important not to let them down.

Organisations need to make sure that they use their information fairly and securely and comply with data protection laws.

Whether they are a sole trader, small business, or larger organisation, it is their responsibility to ensure people’s details are being used in the right way, to stop them from being disadvantaged or harmed.

And don’t forget, people have rights over their information too.

Getting data protection right makes good business sense. It can save you time and money in the long run, help you avoid potential complaints, and protect your business’ reputation.

Help is at hand. The ICO is the UK’s regulator for data protection law, and will give organisations simple advice, tools and more to help you feel confident on your data protection journey.

Thousands of SMEs access this support each year.

Why not get started today?

Read the ICO’s simple beginner’s guide to data protection

Ben Kemp