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Whole Genome Sequencing and Infection – training course

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There is an excellent training opportunity on Whole Genome Sequencing being offered by the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (ACB) and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), funded by Health Education England (HEE).

You are encouraged to read the background information provided below by the ACB and GOSH, and register your interest via this online form if this course supports your clinical practice.


Whole Genome Sequencing and Infection

Clinical interpretation and implementation of microbiological whole genome sequencing techniques


The course is entirely free to attend, courtesy of the funding provided by HEE.

There is, however, a £50 deposit to secure your place on the course, which will be refunded when you complete the full duration of the course.

Course dates

Four cohorts will gather for contact hours learning on the following dates:

In-person Virtual
17-21 April 2023

Location: Goodenough College, London

Cohort size: 50 delegates

26-30 June 2023

Location: link to be confirmed

Cohort size: 100 delegates

20-24 November 2023

Location: Goodenough College, London

Cohort size: 50 delegates

11-15 September 2023

Location: link to be confirmed

Cohort size: 100 delegates



The course is designed as professional development for staff working in a healthcare setting with clinical exposure to microbiological sequencing data and test results. It is designed to ensure understanding of molecular microbiology results and to support their implementation into clinical workflows.

Course objectives

The course seeks to answer the question ‘How does Whole Genome Sequencing, other molecular technologies and the management of generated data impact on patient pathways and outcomes in the management of infectious diseases?

A better understanding of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), molecular approaches to support clinical management decisions and the use of sequencing data will contribute to future pandemic preparedness.

Course structure

Learning will be delivered through contact time, blended learning and self-directed learning across a total of 200 hours. Teaching methods will include: lectures, case studies, reflective practice, group work including student-led presentations, webinars, tutorials and workshops.

Next steps

Find out more about the Whole Genome Sequencing and Infection course on the ACB website, including learning outcomes, curriculum and skills.

On the same page, complete a 2-minute questionnaire to register your interest, and a member of the organising team will be in touch to understand what you would like to gain from the course.

We hope you find this opportunity beneficial. If you have specific questions for the course organisers, please contact Mike Lester, ACB Membership Manager, at

Natalie Creaney