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Wessex AHSN Real-world Evaluation Competition (RWE) 2023

By May 26, 2023No Comments

The Wessex AHSN Real-world Evaluation Competition (RWE) 2023 is live!

Does your innovation need evidence of impact in a real-world setting?

Even once your innovation can demonstrate that it functions, the adoption needed to support economic growth is often limited by evidence of impact. A real-world evaluation can fill this gap.

Wessex AHSN is running a RWE competition to award the delivery of two real-world evaluations, at no cost to the innovators. The RWE will be undertaken by Wessex AHSN’s Insight team. With this competition, we seek to deliver RWEs that will have the most impact on delivering economic growth for innovators.

The competition closes at 12 noon on Tuesday 13 June. Innovators are invited to apply using the application form. A PDF copy of the questions is also available to view and download.

You may be eligible to apply for the RWE Competition if you meet the following criteria (other criteria apply):

  1. Wessex AHSN has not evaluated your innovation already.
  2. You have an agreement in place with a health/social care setting to pilot your innovation, or the pilot is already underway.
  3. The health/social care site agrees in principle for a RWE to be undertaken.
  4. The RWE can commence before March 2024.

Full details of the RWE Competition are in the Terms of Reference. If you have any questions, please get in touch the Wessex AHSN team at