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BIVDA approached the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) directly to ask how member companies can best provide equipment to the people of Ukraine if they were able to.

The DHSC responded by requesting a comprehensive list of items available for donation from interested member companies with details regarding: types of tests for donation, the number of tests available, and the delivery and collection of tests. Members are invited to send their offers to Helen.

Once collated, BIVDA will share this with the DHSC and they can take the next steps. BIVDA and the DHSC are incredibly grateful for the continued interest in providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

We have also received the following from the Department of Trade, which members may find useful:

  • The UK Government appreciates all offers of humanitarian support from companies and individuals to the Ukraine, and the bordering countries supporting Ukrainian refugees.
  • HMG strongly advises that people donate cash through trusted charities and humanitarian partners, rather than donating in kind assistance such as blankets, or clothing.
  • In these situations, it is more efficient for such items to be procured and delivered in host countries, rather than sent from the UK. Supply chains are already stretched, and trusted humanitarian partners will be regularly assessing what supplies are most needed and co-ordinating the response to meet those needs.
  •  HMG does not have the capacity to distribute in kind assistance. Humanitarian partners have the relevant experience for this work and will be best placed to identify what is required and to procure and deliver this as the situation develops.

Finally, Medtech Europe have informed us that the European Commission (EC) has launched a pilot trial for companies who wish to offer equipment to Ukraine. Preparations for the trial are in their final stages and aim to be operational imminently. The EC has released a list of medical equipment required by the Ukrainian authorities, which can be seen here.

Should you be interested, offers for donations can now be sent to: (Please note that DG ECHO does not handle procurement offers).

Our initial response to the crisis in Ukraine is below, and the links within the article are still valid for members to refer to.

BIVDA absolutely echoes the plea from MedTech Europe calling for sanctions not to affect the provision of healthcare products and services to the region, and we would ask members to feedback their experiences in continuing to supply into the region.

The Department for International Trade has an online service for questions relating to trading with Ukraine or Russia which can be found HERE or companies can call 0300 303 8955.

The latest information about sanctions with Russia can be found HERE.

Please let us know whether the crisis is having an impact on your business so that we can inform and where possible work with government and the Department of Health and Social Care on supply resilience issues. You can continue to report directly to the DHSC continuity of supply team using the usual routes.

A reminder that the DHSC has published Guidance for members to take from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) which urges organisations to take action to bolster their online defences following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

If companies are undertaking any activity to support those affected in Ukraine, please let us know the details and we will put onto our BIVDA website for others to see and support if they can.