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Two new industry reports published by CPI

By January 13, 2023No Comments
  1. Challenges and opportunities for the UK HealthTech industry
  2. A strategic technology roadmap for the UK IVD industry

These documents are the result of many months of work reviewing feedback received through Innovate UK’s grant funding HeathTRIP programme, and holding various discussions across the UK.

BIVDA were involved with this project throughout and encourage all members to review the reports, which include ways to shape the IVD and medical device world into a more promising place for those involved in the MedTech space.

The event was closed with a talk from Lord Bethell, who praised the reports and emphasised how keen he is to see improvements made based on the recommendations listed.

Of these recommendations, BIVDA is proud to already be in the process of actioning a number of them, including (but not limited to):

  • Offering regulatory support and training to our members
  • Hosting our UKRP directory* and publishing our members on our website so that organisations can expand their networks where needed
  • Having ongoing discussions with various universities and education providers in the UK to support future regulatory careers
  • Sharing funding opportunities for industry as and when we are aware of them
  • Hosting a Sustainability Hub for BIVDA members to understand their sustainability requirements, and having a dedicated expert on the subject (Sarah Joy Newton)
  • Keeping members up to date on environmental considerations and information as it is published, including through our Environmental Working Party
  • Supporting and contributing to innovation accelerator programmes

*Our UKRP directory is open publicly and any UKRP organisation can be added to it. This is a free benefit for BIVDA members, or costs £199+VAT for non-members

BIVDA welcomes these reports and will continue to strive to better the Medtech industry generally, including by taking on some of the remaining recommendations.

If you would like to discuss this report or suggest ways you think BIVDA could further action any of these recommendations, please contact Ashleigh.

Further comments and questions can also be sent directly to CPI.

Natalie Creaney