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Travel survey and BIVDA meetings

By March 18, 2022No Comments

We are looking forward to our AV/VC installation next week which should significantly improve the blended experience for us all. All of our meetings are scheduled to be blended unless advertised otherwise. All of our planned meetings for this year are scheduled already and can be found on the Eventbrite page and the upcoming ones are at the bottom of the Newsletter on a weekly basis. Ad-hoc meetings will be put on the page as and when they arise.

Our meetings are both member led, and agenda led, so we believe that they are business critical, however your feedback is welcomed. It’s in nobody’s interest to have meetings for the sake of it. We all know the value of networking and discussing issues facing our industry in person, but sometimes virtual is the best format.

Agendas are set by the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the working parties based on the needs of the meeting attendees – so please indicate what you want to hear about in the working parties so we can ensure that we can get the speakers or content ready for you (and issue agendas earlier).

The BIVDA secretariat are diary led, and the office opened for meetings and members.

The ability to attend virtually and at specific times (we are actually pretty good at timings!) should allow those members who do not need to attend for the full meeting to catch that relevant part.

Our shorter meetings are virtual and working parties and sub-groups will be ½ days at least.

We encourage members to come to meetings in person regularly due to the opportunities to meet and discuss issues, and of course, meeting members is actually the best part of our job.

To facilitate our meetings, you will see on our Eventbrite page that we are issuing 2 ticket types in Eventbrite for in person and virtual attendance so that we can manage blended numbers. In order to have a blended meeting, there needs to be 12 in person registrations otherwise it will be virtual only. By registering in Eventbrite, you will be able to get a diary hold issued to your calendars and then agendas and details will be sent to all registered participants.

So, on to the survey, thank you to everyone who responded to our survey on Travel.

In brief, it is clear that the way we are approaching it is fairly close to your requirements. Meetings should be attended if useful to the business, needs to be a good use of time, remote should be available and Covid safety maintained.

There were some requests for meetings to be held outside of London, in the past this hasn’t been very successful and there hasn’t been the attendance levels that our office in London attracts, however I would like to explore this possibility. Perhaps members would host certain meetings at their offices so we can travel around a bit? Please let me know if you would be happy to host a meeting outside of London and capacity and virtual capability etc. Or if you would be happy to attend a non-London meeting.

At a glance graphs with a summary of the responses from the survey are detailed below for your information. We had 92 responses.