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The Evolution of STI At-Home Testing Solutions Webinar

By May 14, 2024No Comments

This Meridian Bioscience and Practical Patient Care sponsored webinar will explore key advancements in molecular and immunoassay testing for STI at-home kits.

Why attend?

With the global increase of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), the need for accessible and accurate STI diagnostic solutions has never been more critical.  Traditional testing methods are hindered by several barriers, including limited accessibility and STI-related stigma.

This is further compounded by the challenge of asymptomatic infections, which deter initial testing. However, the unprecedented adoption of at-home testing and telemedicine that developed during the COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated the expansion of at-home and self-collection assays for several diseases, such as STIs.

Join to delve into the changing landscape of STI testing, highlighting the new developments in at-home testing and the molecular and immunoassay reagent solutions for developing new STI assays.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What has changed in STI testing in the post-COVID market and the key differences between home-testing vs. self-collection assays
  • Innovative molecular chemistries that enable sensitive direct detection using crude samples
  • High-performing immuno-reagents ideal for rapid lateral flow tests
  • The future direction of STI screening: trends and growth predictions

You can register for the webinar here.

Ben Kemp