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Spotlight on Sustainability: Richard Hixson confirmed as speaker for the Winter Sustainability Seminar

By September 29, 2023No Comments


BIVDA are delighted to welcome Richard Hixson to the Winter Sustainability Seminar, which takes place on 2-5pm 30th November 2023.

Dr Richard Hixson FRCA FFICM is a Consultant in Critical Care Medicine, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Exeter; NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur; member of NHS England’s Sustainable Procurement Forum, the UK Ocean Decade Committee and the Minderoo–Monaco Commission on Plastics and Human Health.

One of the questions on the NHS England Evergreen Supplier Assessment is:

Has your organisation signed the Cargo Owners for Zero Emission Vessels (coZEV ambition statement or are you a signatory to the UN Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles?

This presentation will enlighten you as to what that is all about.

Healthcare Ocean Explanation:

Healthcare Ocean works to ensure oceans, coasts and inland waterways are included in healthcare sustainability planning; advocating, collaborating, and educating; developing actions which can be delivered by individuals, healthcare providers and supplier industries. Healthcare Ocean believes healthy natural systems including oceans offer the planet and its inhabitants the best solution to the climate, pollution and nature emergency and will improve the health and wellbeing of all global citizens.

Learning Outcomes of the Session:

  • To increase understanding of why ocean health is declining and why this is important.
  • To explain how human health and healthcare is linked to nature/ocean health and why without good oceanic health, we will likely fail to ever reach net zero.
  • To provide actions which individuals and organisations can take to reduce their negative impact and improve the health of natural systems.

Richard co-founded Healthcare Ocean as his main interest is Global Goal 14, Life Below Water and how the anthropogenic impacts from container shipping and novel entities such as plastic and pharmaceutical pollution adversely affected the marine environment and human health.

Other speakers include:

  • Léyoh Goodhall from the Social Value Portal to speak to us about using the TOMs in tender
  • Alfred Casson from the DHSC to update us on the ‘Design for Life’ initiative
  • NHS England with an update on project Athena relating to Social Value in NHS tenders.

To secure your place at the winter sustainability seminar make sure you register here.