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Sally Hopkin, NHSE Sustainable Procurement Lead, to speak at BIVDA’s Winter Sustainability Seminar

By November 10, 2023No Comments


Sally is the Sustainable Procurement Lead at NHS England. She has a background in procurement since 2008, predominately within the public sector.

During this time sustainable procurement has developed as a discipline, and Sally’s experience ranges from sustainable procurement delivery to leading sustainable development teams and supporting initiatives such as the Anchor Institutions Network.

Project Athena ran over the summer of 2023. The purpose of the project was to develop a better understanding of how the Social Value Model has been adapted across the NHS and to identify the needs of both buyers and suppliers in ensuring that Social Value can be asked for and delivered effectively and to best value.

The project consisted of a wide range of stakeholders including Cabinet Office, NHS Trusts, Framework providers – NHSSC and SBS, NHS England, NHS Suppliers and trade associations.

There was a total of three workshops, the last one being on the 8th  of August.

So, what were the findings and outcomes, and how is this going to influence or change how Social Value is presented in tenders? Sally will answer these questions and more.

Other speakers include:

  • Léyoh Goodhall from the Social Value Portal to speak to us about using the TOMs in tender
  • Alfred Casson from the DHSC to update us on the ‘Design for Life’ initiative
  • Richard Hixon who is a Consultant in Critical Care and also co-founder of Healthcare Ocean to talk about Ocean health and the link to healthcare and suppliers

To secure your place at the winter sustainability seminar make sure you register here.