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REGISTER HERE – Sustainability Seminar 9th June 2022

By April 29, 2022No Comments

BIVDA’s 2nd Sustainability Seminar will be taking place in the afternoon of Thursday 9th June 2022 from 13.30-16.30.

We are delighted to welcome UK CPI for a workshop examining the below:

“Systematic challenges in IVD, transitioning to sustainable and circular business models for better patient outcomes. What are systemic challenges and how do we innovate together?”

A systematic challenge addresses major societal issues in order to transition to better long-term outcomes, convening industry and those directly affected within a system, to clearly define and solve the challenge together and without any unintended consequences.

People, governments and industry are affected and bound by challenges today that despite repeated attempts to solve in the short term, they continue, they re-emerge somewhere else, and therefore, they are often exacerbated in the long term. Re-evaluating these challenges through a lens of sustainability, circular economy and systems thinking enables a broader and deeper understanding of the problem and this helps to identify systemic solutions that account for the extremities of a system and its unknowns.

CPI, an independent DeepTech innovation centre, has emerged as a leading enabler in addressing systematic challenges and convening major corporations and solution providers to address global supply chain issues that continue to negatively impact people and planet. CPI begin this journey by working with partners to identify a specific problem, which can then be generalised within the context of the whole system, for a comprehensive evaluation of the many possible solutions that account for needs of the system and not simply optimisation of its individual parts. Although pre-competitive, competitive advantage and addressing the individual desired outcomes of each business is maintained throughout, and with measurable improvement in efficiency and effectiveness for the system as a whole.

In this session we will explore –

  • What are the specific challenges in IVD that would benefit from a systemic challenge-led approach to sustainability? Materials used for IVD tests from unsustainable sources? Recycling? Single use plastics?
  • Which member organisations or external stakeholders would benefit from working collaboratively to address a systemic challenge?

Further Sessions include;

  • BIVDA’s Sustainability Hub Launch with all the resources and guidance being made available to members through BIVDA to reach our shared goals across healthcare in the UK.
  • NHS England on the Evergreen Framework and NHS updates.
  • We will also shortly confirm speakers from customer sites on their Sustainability objectives.

BIVDA’s Sustainability programme helps members to tackle issues like net zero, biodiversity, and climate resilience head on through organisational, cultural and technological changes and developments.

To do this, open engagement with stakeholders and industry discussion is necessary to discover and develop best practice and working towards mutual goals for the NHS and the devolved administrations to meet and exceed the requirements for implementing carbon reduction plans and the Social Value Model for public contracting authorities.

This will be an in-person event following the Procurement Working Party in the morning, please register for Procurement at this link!
The event will be in central London, with the venue to be confirmed shortly.


Lunch will be provided, and places are limited.

Covid measures will still be considered at all BIVDA’s events.

Please look out for further details and book your place to reserve your spot!