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NHSSC Pathology Strategy Conference and Pre-Tender Preparation Guide

By November 3, 2022No Comments

NHSSC held an online Pathology Strategy Conference on 11th October ahead of the launch of the ‘All Pathology Disciplines, Point of Care Testing & Managed Services’ tender release in January 2023.

They have also released a pre-tender preparation guide for suppliers.

Strategy Conference


Key take home points:

  • Tender release date is expected to be 16th January 2023
  • Suppliers are invited to feedback on some of the proposals being considered:
    • the commercial models and pricing
    • direct award process
    • mandatory requirements such as insurance requirements for SMEs
    • proposed lot structure (ensure there is specification included for your product so you can participate, if not, flag that to the Pathology team)
  • NHSSC value their collaborative working relationship with BIVDA

Rachael Colley: Category Procurement Director, in her introduction mentioned the working relationship they have with BIVDA, and later they referenced their participation in the sustainability steering group, as we all navigate this evolving area, and the associated public procurement requirements.

Please feedback to BIVDA any sector challenges you feel we need to raise in relation to sustainability.

Contact Sarah Joy Newton, Sustainability lead


Biggest Changes from current framework:



  • The framework will be a 4yr first term with an option to extend for a further 24 months.
  • Provision included for the framework agreement to be reopened every 12-18 months under the same specification to allow new entrants.
  • Sustainability and Social Value will make up 10% of the overall weighting of the framework.
  • Terms and Conditions are changing so when signing the form of offer suppliers are accepting these

Commercial Models

  • New pricing models being considered – supplier feedback is welcomed


  • To allow continual assessment of the value the framework is offering

Post Award Requirements

  • Supply chain mapping will be required via the online government platform

Product and Supplier Information

  • Alternatives – suppliers will be required to engage with alternative product mapping
  • Product and supplier matrices to help end users with market engagement

For full details please refer to the slide deck.


Pre-Tender Preparation Guide

This has been released by the pathology team at NHSSC this week. You can access a copy here.

It is also available on the Jaggaer platform.

Suppliers are NOT required to complete this pretender or return it to NHSSC, but they are being welcomed to feedback any areas of concern.

They want to make clear that this information may be subject to change, is not designed to be used as the tender submission itself and has been produced to help support suppliers in their preparation.

The tender will be managed through the Jaggaer platform which is free for suppliers to register on.

If you haven’t already, then you can express interest in the opportunity through

You can also contact the Pathology team on

You can access the slides here.

There is also a Q&A document you can access here.

Contact the NHSSC Pathology team for the full recording of the conference.


Ben Kemp