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NHS Procurement 2024 online half-day conference

By May 7, 2024No Comments

The NHS spends over £30 billion annually on critical services, medications, equipment, and digital infrastructure. But can it optimise procurement to ensure value for money and seamless patient care? This National Health Executive event dives into this crucial question on 6 June between 09:30 – 14:30.

The Health and Care Act’s impact on competition and integration within the NHS will be a key focus. The event will also explore the recently implemented Provider Selection Regime, designed to create a flexible framework for selecting healthcare providers in a digital age.

Collaboration is paramount. The event will examine how the NHS and providers can work together to address challenges like elective care backlogs and strengthen supply chains. Transparency is equally important, and we’ll discuss ensuring clear and accountable procurement processes.

This event is designed for anyone involved in NHS procurement or service provision. It’s also valuable for those interested in the future of digital healthcare and its impact on procurement, or who want to understand the Provider Selection Regime’s implications.

Join to explore these critical questions and discover how NHS procurement can be a catalyst for efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.

You can view the agenda and register here.

Ben Kemp