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NHS Evergreen Supplier Assessment webinar available to members

By February 28, 2024No Comments

The NHS Evergreen Supplier Assessment webinar, produced by BIVDA’s Sustainability Programme Lead, Sarah Joy Newton, is now on the Sustainability Hub and covers everything that suppliers need to know about the Assessment.

You can access the webinar here.

The assessment is now a mandatory requirement for suppliers who are already on any NHS Supply Chain Framework or who are participating in new tenders to complete and submit an Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment each year.

All suppliers to the NHS are being encouraged to complete the assessment even if they don’t have a NHSSC contract.

The webinar covers the following questions about the Assessment:

  • Who has to complete it
  • Why and what is its purpose
  • How to access it
  • What is required to complete it
  • How to improve your score