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NHS England updated the Trade Association forum with regards to their Evergreen programme

By April 8, 2022No Comments

From April 2022, the first Sustainability Supplier Roadmap Milestone was reached with the adoption of PPN 06/20, which is taking Account of Social Value in the Award of Central government Contracts.

As a reminder, PPN 06/20 will be included in all tenders from 1st April 2022, with all contracts requiring a climate change question within the 10% minimum weighting criteria.

Guidance for the NHS has been issued.

Next year in April 2023 Supplier will see the adoption of PPN 06/21 for contracts over £5m, this takes account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the Procurement of Major Government Contracts:

From 1st April 2023, the NHS will adopt PPN 06/21 with added flexibility. The mechanism for demonstrating compliance will be via the Evergreen assessment. This added flexibility NHS PPN06/21 is explained as below.

  • Minimum Direct Emissions (Scope 1&2) is acceptable until 2027
  • Any emissions geographical boundary that includes the UK is acceptable (e.g. UK, Regional, Global)
  • Suppliers are required to register on Atamis and complete PPN fields of the Evergreen Assessment, including the URL of where your Carbon Reduction Plan is publicly available.
  • 2045 is preferred, but 2050 is acceptable until 2027.

NHS England have stressed that the requirements in the supplier roadmap are minimum requirements, and they encourage all suppliers to go further and faster where they can. BIVDA and several other stakeholders have raised concerns that suppliers should not be adversely affected if they reach for the minimum requirements and the NHS England should not push for earlier impacts.

Our Sustainability programme will help members to prepare for the upcoming roadmap milestones to ensure that they are able to meet them. Early engagement with us and NHS England is important and we encourage members to share their thoughts through the supplier readiness questionnaire

This supplier survey will be updated and left open all year for suppliers to continuously provide feedback on their readiness to meet the milestones, more than one submission can be made per supplier.

The April 2024 Supplier Roadmap Milestone has the same requirements as the April 2023 milestone but extended to all procurements. This will make it applicable to most BIVDA members selling to the NHS.

The Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment pilot and 2022 CDP Cycle Phase 1 pilot of is underway. The Phase 2 pilot is on track for mid-late summer, in which more suppliers may be able to take part.

Please contact directly to indicate interest to take part. NHS England are using CDP data beyond scope 3 emissions for more specific supplier engagement, collaboration opportunities, and to identify industry trends.


Ben Kemp