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One of the aims of this update has been to make it easier to use.

So, with this in mind, there are now 3 sets of measures.

A light version which has a set of 18 measures, a core version with 40 measures and then a non-core list of 280 measures that can be selected by contracting authority to reflect their agendas or their specific area of business.

Non-financial measures are no longer in the light or core sets but are included in the non-core set.

There are new supporting materials available on the Social Value Portal website to help suppliers and buyers understand, navigate and utilise the TOMs effectively.

The environmental section has seen the biggest changes and these measures are designed to support the response to the climate crisis.

Register for their free webinar on Thursday 23rd June at 2pm to find out more about the updates of the 2022 TOMs

Download the 2022 National TOMs.

Download the 2022 update guidance

We will be updating the BIVDA Sustainability Hub too.

Natalie Creaney