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Men’s Health Week and Diabetes Week

By June 16, 2023No Comments

This week marked Men’s Health Week and Diabetes Week, which we championed across our social media channels.

Both weeks aimed to raise much-needed awareness for both diabetes and men’s health conditions, and we have used this opportunity to spotlight the importance of diagnostics in tackling a myriad of conditions.

We tried to emphasise that IVDs are clearly not just for identifying diabetes, but are essential for diabetic patients to regulate their blood sugar levels and for preventing the disease entirely by spotting prediabetes, which then allows patients and doctors to take necessary actions.

Men’s health covers a wide variety of conditions, therefore we challenged the psychological factors which perhaps prevent men from seeking medical help when faced with worrying symptoms. This was prompted by studies which show that men are 50% less likely than women to visit a doctor while having, on average, more chronic illnesses than women.

Moreover, men are less likely to get tested for STIs, which not only impacts their health, but that of future sexual partners.

Our message was clear: never ignore worrying symptoms and get checked or tested if needed – it may just save your life.

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Ben Kemp