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MedTech Europe Sustainability and Environment employment opportunities

By January 27, 2023No Comments

MedTech Europe are recruiting a Sustainability and Environment Director and have secondment opportunities in the Sustainability & Environment area. Please see the postings below:


  1. Open Recruitment: New ‘Sustainability and Environment’ Director Position  

In light of the ever-growing importance of Sustainability to our industry, we are seeking a Director to lead our work in this domain going forward.

This Director will report directly to me as head of a standalone Sustainability and Environment department, and also serve on our Leadership Team.

For this critical role, we are seeking a mix of strong advocacy and communications skills, to help guide and represent our industry on a vast range of high-priority dossiers.

Dober Partners is aiding us in this recruitment, and has posted a public job advert here and here.

If you know anyone in Belgium (or prepared to reside here) who you consider ideal for the job, please do share the advert with them



  1. Secondment Opportunities at MedTech Europe

We are very pleased to see some of you already enquire about secondment opportunities at MedTech Europe in the Sustainability & Environment area.

Please note that these opportunities can be explored to help in various parts of our work, including chemicals, materials, circular economy, corporate social responsibility and so on.

So far we are tending to focus on part-time secondments, e.g., the equivalent of 40% or 2 working days/week.  This allows the secondee to maintain the core aspects of her/his day job for the company.

That said, if a member is ready to explore a full-time secondment, we can certainly consider this.

We do not require secondees to relocate to Brussels/Belgium for these projects, especially in today’s post-pandemic world.

For more granular information about what secondment at MedTech Europe involves, please get in touch.

Ben Kemp