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MedTech Europe Forum – Vienna

By June 4, 2024No Comments

Paul Fisher visited Vienna for this year’s MTE Forum, and found much for the diagnostic industry to be sunny about – despite some storms.

Bringing together industry, stakeholders, and trade associations from across Europe, the forum offered expert speakers, insightful presentations, and significant networking opportunities. A number of BIVDA members were present.

Paul said: “Europe still offers much to MedTech in general and IVDs in particular. People, place, and processes mean we can lead the world and it was great to hear the real appetite for diagnostics. However, there are key challenges that apply just as much in Europe as the UK.

“Regulation is the key enabler for market access and at the same time a key blocker. Converting product to sales is as challenging as ever, and in a world of global products a lack of consistency hurts. Brexit has not helped with an additional administrative burden, particularly for SMEs.

“It was extremely useful to discuss solutions with colleagues, members, and peers, and through our relationship with MTE, we will work hard to make it easier for members to do business in Europe.

“Next year’s forum is being held in Lisbon, which will hopefully be thunderstorm free!”

Ben Kemp