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Medical Technology Group Reception

By December 9, 2022No Comments

BIVDA did consider joining this group in the past, but its focus is very much on medical devices – however it did provide some excellent networking!

There were a lot of speakers during the reception, including two patients giving their experiences of living with their long-term conditions. Doris-Ann has captured a few highlights from other guest speakers:

Mark Chapman, the Director for Medical Technology at NICE, who deputised for their CEO, Sam Roberts, and focussed on the use of medtech during the pandemic – however, there was no mention of diagnostics!

Simon Bolton, the outgoing NHS Digital CEO (leaves his post in January) spoke about how system technology struggles in the NHS. There are more than 100 national systems in a federated system so there is huge variability and managing the convergence of data proves extremely difficult. There are 60-70 EPR systems alone!

On data and the market, he stated it was critical the NHS has data where and when it’s needed but also to improve planning. More transparency on governance of data is required so people can opt in to allow personal data to be used for research use with confidence.

Patient centred products also need to be robust and simple. The example used was adoption of the COVID Pass app – apps need to be both useful and must work when needed.

David Lawson, Director of the MedTech Directorate, spoke about the importance of medtech, from diagnosis through treatment to aftercare. He recognised the challenges around adoption and is working to help this.

Professor Vin Diwakar, Medical director for transformation & clinical care, focussed on patients, whose primary concern is access to care. He also touched on workforce issues, insisting that better workforce skills are needed, in addition to greater numbers and improved workforce conditions.

Ben Kemp