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Life Science Access Academy free webinars for members – August

By September 15, 2023No Comments

As part of BIVDA’s association with the Life Science Access Academy, members receive two hand-picked webinars each month. Here is August’s selection.

If you would like to receive either, or both, please email for the links.

The NHS in 2023: End of Term Report

As the summer holidays approach and we find ourselves at the midpoint of the year, we look at how the NHS has performed so far and what we can expect for the rest of 2023.

It’s easy to articulate the challenges – post-covid recovery, staff shortages, strikes, record breaking waiting lists and a new system in England that is hardly out of the planning stage – but where are the positives and how best can the NHS rebuild itself?

Join our stellar panel of experts for this important and informative one-hour panel discussion as we evaluate progress so far and discover just what we can expect from the NHS for the rest of the year.

Local Health Economy Insight with Scott McKenzie – July Edition

When a healthcare professional prescribes or refers, they are pursuing an outcome on behalf of the patient.

But when a pathway of care is not working as planned, it often increases attendance in general practice, referrals to secondary care and sometimes admissions. All of this drives workload and cost.

In this 60-minute masterclass, Scott McKenzie, sales and product placement expert, will draw on his extensive experience to provide you with clarity and advice on how best to land value-added projects.