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Life Science Access Academy: Free December webinars for members

By January 13, 2023No Comments

Each month, two LSAA webinars are available exclusively to BIVDA members. This month is sustainability-focused with both webinars covering the topic.

Webinar 1:

Virtual Wards – The Future of Healthcare?

Dr Gurnak Dosanjh and Shailen Rao provide an update on the progress being made in this innovative and important area of care that has come at a time of unprecedented demand for healthcare services. They also look at the opportunities it presents for industry to engage successfully with the new system.

Webinar 2:

Engaging with the NHS in 2023: Optimising Collaboration and Partnership

Scott McKenzie, Rina Newton, Anna Prescott, Shailen Rao and Dave Titcomb explore the drivers and barriers for collaboration from both the NHS and industry perspectives, and they look at how well the NHS is engaged and whether stakeholders are enabled by their organisations to collaborate. They discuss what good looks like and how we can drive positive outcomes for all parties.

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Natalie Creaney