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Latest Information relating to the Ukraine crisis

By April 1, 2022No Comments

Members were asked to provide details of products they wish to donate. The DHSC would like to receive offers of types of tests for donation, the number of tests available, and the delivery and collection of tests. Members are invited to send their offers to Helen.

BIVDA and the DHSC are incredibly grateful for the continued interest in providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Medtech Europe have updated their statement on the Russian war with Ukraine which can be found here and BIVDA continues to offer our support in their effort to ensure the continuity of healthcare to affected people caused by this conflict.

The Export Support Service has been expanded for any queries for members relating to supply of goods and supply chain issues caused by the war in Ukraine, members can raise queries directly via this link Russia-Ukraine Enquiry.

There have been reports of SME’s and businesses affected by sanctions lower down in supply chains. BIVDA members will be familiar with liaising with Sandra Barrow’s team in the Medtech Directorate at the Department of Health.

The department actively monitors and mitigates supply threats and disruptions to help ensure continuity of supply of medicines and medical products. They will continue to monitor the situation as it continues to develop.

While any supply disruptions should be reported through the usual routes. The National Supply Disruption Response (NSDR) remains a 24-7 call centre for supply disruption and a permanent 24-7 express freight function. The NSDR remains operational and available to help support instances of critical supply disruption where no other mitigations are available and patient care is at risk.

The following links are provided for your reference.

Sanctions for Vital Industries 24 March 2022
The Customs (Additional Duty) (Russia and Belarus) Regulations 2022
Additional duties on goods originating in Russia and Belarus