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Kaye Walton rejoins BIVDA as Head of Membership Engagement

By March 21, 2024No Comments

We are delighted to welcome back Kaye Walton to the BIVDA team as Head of Membership Engagement, who previously worked in a different role as part of the secretariat.

With around 43 years’ experience within the IVD industry, Kaye brings a wealth of experience to BIVDA from the wide variety of roles she has held over that period.  Having worked in some of the larger global companies (Siemens, Beckman Coulter, Olympus and Fujirebio) in addition smaller SMEs and distributors, Kaye has a good understanding of how the needs of these companies may differ and how BIVDA can assist and tailor its support to meet these requirements.

Starting in an R&D role developing one of the first non-isotopic immunoassays, after 8 years, Kaye then moved into the commercial world holding a number of customer-facing positions. These included direct sales and business development, product support, customer training and system installations, together with solution design, marketing and product management. With a desire to work overseas, Kaye’s dream came true with the role of EMEA Marketing Manager for Fujirebio Europe which took Kaye to Belgium for nearly 4 years.

The move back to BIVDA allows Kaye to represent an industry that she has worked in all of her life, has enjoyed hugely and that has served her very well.

Kaye has provided the following welcome note for members:

I am hugely excited to be back at BIVDA taking up the role of Head of Membership Engagement and working with the great team already in place.

I am very eager to make contact with all of you, our existing member companies over the coming weeks in order to fully understand what you truly need from us that you may still be missing, but also the things we are doing well.  One of the critical areas for us is to understand is how best we can communicate with you so that the information you need reaches you in a timely way.

Here at BIVDA, we have access to a wealth of information and knowledge that we want to share with you all. It is critical that our focus remains current and on the issues and topics that are relevant to you all, regardless of company size. Your input and feedback to help is therefore of paramount importance. My role is to represent your voice within the leadership team at BIVDA such that our focus is always aligned with your needs.

I very much look forward to meeting and working with you and please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via Thank you all for your continued support – everyone here at BIVDA is excited for the next chapter.

Get to know more about Kaye!

  • Currently reading: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantell – I am fascinated by Henry VIII and that period of history
  • Favourite gadget: My new multi-functional Ninja Smart cooker
  • Favourite hobby: Keeping fit and volunteering for a local Swindon hospice
  • Favourite TV Show: Schitt’s Creek
  • Would most like to meet: To have met George Michael
  • You wouldn’t know it, but I’m very good at…: Floristry