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Introductory article from BIVDA’s newly-elected Chair Helen Tucker

By April 1, 2022No Comments

As I begin my first week as Chair of BIVDA, I feel fortunate to have previously sat on the Executive Board for the last few years; as Chair Elect this past year, and to have had the opportunity to engage with the Board and Secretariat. So whilst I’d like to think I’m almost on the front foot, I wouldn’t say I am off and running just yet!

As a trade association, we have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that all members can tap into. The secretariat has been strengthened to ensure we have the right mix of skills to address the needs of members going forwards.

BIVDA’s strategy is to drive, influence and shape the future of diagnostics for patients ensuring that innovation, safety, continuity of supply, manufacturing and competition is paramount in clinical and purchasing decisions. The good news is that the profile of diagnostics has never been higher. The challenge is to keep it there. There is no doubt that the cancer backlog will be high on the government’s agenda, and we will be working hard to position the role of IVDs in overcoming this.

BIVDA will need to adapt and grow to meet the changing needs of diagnostics, and in line with that a number of new Working Parties have been created, such as Genomics and Environmental, whilst Procurement and Regulatory continue to make up the back bone of our working parties. All working parties are accessible to all members, and I would not only strongly encourage you to participate, but to input into the agendas too. In this way we can guarantee we are providing what our members need.
Feel free to make contact with the secretariat, board or myself. We are here to support you.