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How can the UK become the best place to scale a Life Science company?

By April 3, 2024No Comments

Last week, Lucy Lehane, our Innovation Programme Lead, attended a joint partnership event held in London by One Nucleus and Riverlabs. The event, hosted at the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road explored what could and should be done to make the UK a scale-up market of choice for life science ventures.

The evening event featured some of the leading voices as speakers and panellists in an expert-driven roundtable. These included former Science Minister George Freeman MP, who was giving his first keynote speech since leaving office, Baroness Nicola Blackwood – Chair of Genomics England, Pam Garside from Cambridge Angels, Barbara Domayne-Hayman from The Francis Crick Institute, Charles Large from Autifony Therapeutics, and Sarah Blagden – Professor of Experimental Oncology at University of Oxford. The speakers and panellists were all expertly moderated by Lord James O’Shaughnessy.

During the panel discussions, the group considered what are the key factors that might guide a company’s decision on where to be located and whether they are home-grown or global businesses. The conversations also covered discussion on what policy, investment and other changes could be considered to ensure the UK is as attractive and internationally competitive as possible. The Life Sciences sector is important for the UK, and it is important that the UK is able to create an environment which allows and enables companies to launch and stay in the UK for the long term with good opportunities to scale and improved access to investment.

A full report of the event will be available by One Nucleus and Riverlabs later this week, and please do contact Lucy for more information in the meantime.

Ben Kemp