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Helen interviewed by Genowrite ahead of London Biotechnology Show

By March 13, 2024No Comments

BIVDA Interim Chief Executive, Helen Dent, was interviewed for Genowrite by Paul Naphtali. Helen spoke about the important role of IVDs and how BIVDA works to develop a thriving UK market for members.

To achieve this, Helen touched upon the four key areas of focus which drives BIVDA activities, including influencing key stakeholders and encouraging the appropriate use and increased uptake of IVDs in patient pathways.

Helen asserted that the greatest challenges facing members are navigating burdensome regulations, attracting investment to the UK, and problems with the scaling up and adoption of innovations.

The interview was facilitated by the London Biotechnology Show, where Helen will be presenting in May 2024, with her presentation covering many of these themes in greater detail.

You can read the interview here.

Paul Naphtali is the founder of GenoWrite, a life sciences communications agency. At GenoWrite, he has helped companies from Chile to Taiwan and written on various topics from the human microbiome to the multiplex immunoassay. He is currently interested in writing about in vitro diagnostics, the ‘omics, and the development of new therapeutics for various diseases.