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External Affairs Activity Update

By February 18, 2022No Comments

Meeting with new Director of the Office for Life Sciences, Roz Campion.

Doris-Ann had a one to one with Roz Campion this week. Roz took over as the Director of OLS from Kristen McCleod at the end of last year. Doris-Ann introduced the BIVDA membership and was interested to hear Roz’s thoughts on the programme for the OLS. Roz explained the resources for the OLS were quite limited so she was focussing OLS on 3 interlinked strands of activity. The first is delivering on the Life Sciences Vision, the next is to ensure all relevant Government policy has life sciences embedded in it and the profile of the sector remains high and the last activity is to ensure equity of access and funding top the whole of the life science sectors. There is recognition that part of life sciences have been given a priority over others, both as sub-sectors and also on individual company basis. Roz has a strong interest in industry and will give a focus which we believe will be helpful to BIVDA members.

Call for priorities at NICE

Doris-Ann is meeting the new Chief Executive at NICE, Dr Sam Roberts, on 28th February. Doris-Ann and Sam have a well established relationship going back over 4 years and Sam is keen to hear the views, requests and issues BIVDA members have for and with NICE. It would be really helpful to have input from member for this meeting so we can accurately reflect our members views to Sam. Please send anything direct to Doris-Ann.

Ben Kemp