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Evidence Based Early Diagnosis Conference 2024

By February 14, 2024No Comments

The British Medical Journal, the University of St Andrews, and Oxford University are co-hosting an Evidence Based Early Diagnosis (EBED) Conference on the 29th – 31st May 2024 at the University of St Andrews.

The MHRA’s Joseph Burt will be a panellist on 29th May, sharing his perspective on regulations can be an enabler to early diagnosis and the fundamentals of solid safety and performance evidence for innovative and novel diagnostic technologies.

Advanced laboratory methods, enhanced imaging capabilities, genetic predictions and artificial intelligence are leading concepts in early diagnosis.  However, generating evidence for regulation, health evaluations and health systems use can be a high hurdle.  The symposium explores the opportunities of capturing the best data needed to bring early diagnostic methods to reality.

Questions regarding the programme and registration can be submitted in advance to Details of the event can be found here, and members who wish to attend can register via this link.