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Environmental and Social Sustainability Programme Lead appointed at BIVDA!

By February 18, 2022No Comments

BIVDA is delighted to announce that we have contracted Sarah Joy Newton from Amethyst Connect to join our team who will be dedicated to supporting members in Sustainability and Social Value.

During 2022, we expect to see the launch of NHS England and Improvement’s Evergreen Supplier Framework, and the adoption of PPN 06/20 where all NHS tenders need to include 10% weighting on social value, with an emphasis on the environment. The new NHS terms and conditions are aligned to NHS net zero and include net zero and social value at tender, plus the Evergreen assessment and also set expectations for modern slavery reduction through the supply chain.

As members progress towards the NHS targets and policy changes over the next 12m, the requirements will develop and change, and we are pleased that Sarah will be guiding us and providing the support that members can utilise. Sarah will be leading the programme with Helen, Ashleigh, Michael and the Chairs from the Procurement and Environmental working parties to provide topical and valuable coverage on these subjects. There will be increased engagement with external experts to provide experience and knowledge to enhance members skills around Environmental and Social sustainability to help you achieve success in tendering with contracting authorities.

Sarah is a qualified nurse in adult and paediatric care, with an additional 15 years of excelling in the medical device industry. She is known for her enthusiasm and energy, with a genuine desire to ensure that, as well as product and company success, patient outcomes are improved, and customers’ needs are met.

Sarah’s nursing and medical sales experience has given her a unique understanding and knowledge of the workings of the NHS and procurement, as well as a clinical understanding of products and technology, and she has established contacts and working relationships within the sector.

As an experienced tender bid writer and internal ISO auditor, Sarah has developed a real insight into how to successfully complete tenders and provides solutions on how to comply with the ever-changing public procurement legislation, including the most recent requirements around: –

  • Social value
  • Net Zero
  • Labour Standards
  • Modern Slavery

In her spare time Sarah loves getting outdoors in the countryside. Her current challenge is walking the Cotswold Way and the Southwest Coast path with her husband and dog Maggie.

Sarah says;

“I am delighted and excited to be joining BIVDA as the Environmental and Social Sustainability Programme Lead.

I fully appreciate the challenges that suppliers have when translating what their organisation does, into a scorable element for a tender bid, or understanding what new processes they need to implement to ensure compliance.

My aim is to help members understand the complexities of the requirements and provide a suite of materials and tools for them to use, so they are supported and able to navigate their journey effectively and successfully.

I look forward to hearing from members and meeting you all soon.”

From today, members can expect enhanced monitoring of PPNs and to be kept informed of relevant updates. We will be keeping you up to date on any new requirements from contracting authorities and the government or market developments.

With the Sustainability Sub-group, we will be delivering a microsite for members of resources to include, but not be limited to: –

  • Updates
  • Templates
  • Tools
  • Supporting media links and websites

Sarah and the Sub-group will also identify training needs related to any new updates from contracting authorities and support members in the Net Zero road map, and in the different evaluation tools that are being used for Social Value, providing information, updates, training and tools in how to deliver.

Soon, Sarah will be providing an introductory session to meet/ e-meet members, but you can contact Sarah from next week, we will be issuing an email address as soon as possible in order for her to answer BIVDA members enquiries on any sustainability topics and to guide members in developing their own solutions to meet these. In the meantime, please email Helen.

We are also happy to say, that she will helping us with our own Roadmap to Sustainable Operations as we develop alongside our membership.

Ben Kemp