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Doris-Ann to speak at WHF online conference on the future for life sciences

By July 15, 2022No Comments

Westminster Health Forum is hosting an online conference on the future for life sciences in the UK. BIVDA Chief Executive Doris-Ann Williams is pleased to be joining the event, and will be speaking on the topic:

‘Personalised, preventative and predictive healthcare – improving access for patients, innovation in diagnostics, AI and use of data, and the contribution of the life sciences industry in tackling health inequalities in health outcomes’

The conference will be an opportunity to assess changes to regulation and evaluation – and the support, frameworks, partnerships and investment required for the life sciences industry to navigate the way forward. Topics that will be addressed include: the use of data and real-world evidence, efficiencies within clinical trials, and taking a mission-led approach to healthcare challenges.

Areas for discussion include:

  • Life Sciences Vision – implementation of strategic ambitions – priorities for channelling investment
  • mission-led approach – stakeholder collaboration – targeting investment and funding – learning from the development of the COVID-19 vaccine
  • sector growth – support for innovation and manufacturing – government funding – developing the business environment to support growth and healthcare ambitions – global competitiveness
  • new approaches to evaluation – effective stakeholder use of regulatory flexibility – frameworks for data use to support new methods
  • clinical trials – opportunities to address bureaucracy – improving efficiency and participation – accessing harder-to-reach population groups
  • data and real-world evidence – clarity on what is needed for the sector to capitalise on potential
  • personalised, predictive and preventive healthcare – next steps – patient access – commercialisation – tackling inequality in health outcomes

Keynote sessions will be held with Rosalind Campion, Director, Office for Life Sciences; Dr Jennifer Harris, Director of Research Policy, ABPI; and Shauna Mason, Partner, CMS UK Lifesciences Division.

The webinar takes place on Tuesday 19 July from 9.00 -13.00, online.

For details and booking please visit this page.

Natalie Creaney