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Digital Working Party Feedback

By May 13, 2022No Comments

We are currently undertaking a review of the Digital Working Party to ensure that its topics and focus is relevant to all member companies. We would like to thank everyone who has responded to our call for feedback – this information will be vital in reinventing the Working Party going forward.

As a base plan, the Digital Working Party has proposed that Digital Governance become the overarching focus with 3 separate sub-groups which members can access depending on their individual needs.

These sub-groups are (note – the bracketed subjects are not exhaustive): topics relating to data (data ownership, data usage, data reporting, GDPR), day-to-day IT issues (Windows 10, IVDR compliance, NHS interoperability), and connected tools/Internet of Things (test readers, portable PCRs, apps, wearable diagnostics).

Most members who have provided feedback have reacted positively to this approach, while also suggesting other potential themes to cover, such as AI. A particularly problematic concern across the Working Party appears to be the broadness of ‘digital’ as a subject. This often means that member companies feel excluded due to subjects being either too technical or too basic, depending on their level of IT understanding.

‘Data’ was consistently namechecked as a subject of principal interest to member companies, alongside governance. Some members also highlighted the need for the Working Party to look to the future more often and preemptively tackle subjects – whether AI or others – that are becoming increasingly important now and, of course, in the coming decades.

It is pleasing to note that the majority of members identified member cooperation and engagement, as a means of solving shared problems, as a key benefit of attending the Working Party.

Members were overall more split on the issue of addressing policy and day-to-day issues within the Working Party. Broadly, members agreed that both policy changes and day-to-day issues should both be tackled. However, members were less sure about how, or even whether, that can be achieved jointly. This, perhaps, again reflects the diversity of subjects affiliated to ‘digital’ and the different priorities companies have in relation to their technical knowhow.

We would like to remind you that the next Digital Working Party will be held next week on Tuesday 17 May between 09.30-11:00 and you can sign-up using this link. We would urge as many interested members to attend to discuss the feedback and ensure your company’s voice is heard.