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Diagnostics Industry Advisory Group – What needs to happen for industry to support delivery of the new diagnostics strategy, now and in the future

By January 31, 2024No Comments

BIVDA is a member of the secretariat for the DIAG. This group was set up as a forum to engage with industry to support NHS England’s Diagnostic Transformation Programme.

The new NHS England diagnostics strategy was presented at the first meeting of the new format was held on Monday 29 January. Details can be found here.

Helen Dent co-chaired the session;

Discussion: What needs to happen for industry to support delivery of the new diagnostics strategy, now and in the future.

Four questions were set out to the meeting attendees to determine the scope and expectations of the industry partners.

  1. To help assist delivery, what should we focus on that will make a difference to drive-up support?
  2. What should be out of scope for DIAG?
  3. How can the DIAG, through its revised structure, take forward these topics?
  4. What further information would be useful for you about the diagnostics strategy?

Overall, there was a positive response to the strategy and key points that were expressed in early diagnosis, wait times, workforce, digitisation and health inequality were supported, however there is a feeling that it will not be delivered and that the enablers in the system and the current plans at delivery level will be challenging at best.

It was difficult to work with a group online of the size that it is and with so many contrasting views, BIVDA member companies were able to comment and put forward their views. Abbott Diagnostics and Glyconics made excellent points including a central point of contact and ownership should be defined: how will NHS England take the local NHS and ICBs with them? What links to local delivery exist and how health inequalities can be addressed?

The strategy itself contains the key focus areas for BIVDA in Genomics, Near Patient testing and AMR, but not with the detail required for industry to comment more comprehensively. There was a significant amount of discussion about what other information would be required on the strategy prior to understanding how to take forward the delivery and drive up support.

Determining priorities for DIAG would be difficult in the forum, although at a high level, it was agreed that Task and Finish groups focusing on the adoption pathways, health economics and ICB collaboration would be of use.

Overall, this group is going in the right direction, but the key is translating policy into delivery and this remains the challenge that industry is still unclear about.

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Ben Kemp