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DIAG Secretariat Agenda Setting – 15 November

By November 17, 2023No Comments

Following the HTP task and finish group for Diagnostics which recently concluded and which BIVDA was part of it was decided that the DIAG will be the forum for the collaboration and progress of initiatives with industry and the healthcare system.

The purpose of the Diagnostics Industry Advisory (DIAG) is to facilitate a partnership between the NHS England National Diagnostics Transformation Programme, Department of Health and Social Care and the Office for Life Sciences with the diagnostics industry that is focused on achieving diagnostic transformation.

The DIAG will achieve this by comprising cross-cutting diagnostic transformation priorities and priorities specific to diagnostic sub-specialities and the other areas of delivery covered by the Diagnostics Transformation Programme, including Community Diagnostic Centres and Digital Capability.

It will work to achieve opportunities for collaboration, through a shared understanding of the challenges that the NHS and Industry face and opportunities to co-develop solutions to address these. It will also provide a forum to share innovations and learning and create alignment for delivering a programme of collaborative work.

This work will be underpinned by an understanding of the wider government and NHS context, early engagement on diagnostics policy development and an understanding of NHS priorities and needs.

At the first meeting this week of the secretariat NHSE shared the top priorities for the programme from DHSC, NHSE and OLS which include:

  • 95% of patients receive diagnostic test within 6 weeks by March 25
  • Deliver up to 160 CDCs by Mar 25
  • Achieve a 10% productivity gain by Mar 25 via pathology and imaging networks’ digitisation and maturity
  • Develop endoscopy and physiological science networks
  • Level up acute imaging / endoscopy capacity to ensure no acute trust has only 1 CT / level up endoscopy rooms numbers and support JAG accreditation
  • All diagnostic services to meet optimal utilisation targets for CT, MRI, NOUS, Echo and Endoscopy
  • Set up a home diagnostics/point of care testing approach to reduce winter pressures
  • Deliver AI
  • Establish optimised pathways in CDCs
  • Ensure diagnostics metrics can provide an effective progress narrative
  • Transformation of diagnostics through innovation
  • Enable diagnostics to be the engine of productivity across the NHS

The meeting established that the DIAG would be quarterly with members invited in accordance with the agendas and that the secretariat would meet more regularly.

Queries on the Terms of Reference and more detail on the priorities was requested by the group.

BIVDA provided information to the secretariat, NHSE, DHSC and OLS on competition law requirements and procurement routes to market to inform delivery objectives.

NHS England will send communications shortly to industry to inform of the updates and advise on the next meeting date.