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DHSC set out their areas of research interest (ARIs)

By January 27, 2023No Comments

This week, the Department of Health and Social Care have released their three areas of research interest (ARIs). These have been developed through wide consultation with policy teams across DHSC, NHS England and other stakeholders, and they have been approved by ministers.

ARIs highlight to the patient, academic, clinical and life sciences community the areas where the Government seeks to expand their efforts and work together to systematically understand, intervene and improve public, patient and service outcomes.


ARI 1: early action to prevent poor health outcomes

Prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate intervention for people at increased risk of poor health (in particular obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, mental health and cancer) to prevent excess deaths, improve population health (including the health of the working age population), reduce disparities and decrease reliance on health and social care.


ARI 2: reduction of compound pressures on the NHS and social care

Improved patient outcomes and reduced pressure across the health and care system through preventing avoidable admissions, utilising innovations to make routine care more efficient and resilient, enabling smart discharge, and through effective pandemic preparedness and new treatments to tackle a range of infectious diseases.


ARI 3: shaping and supporting the health and social care workforce of the future

A public health, NHS, social care and wider health workforce that is effectively structured, trained, deployed and supported to deliver future effective and efficient models of healthcare which meet the needs of the UK’s changing population.


Through these ARIs, the Government seeks to reduce health disparities and improve the health and economic outcomes for the UK’s most deprived 20%; promote economic growth by delivering a healthier, more skilled workforce, a more efficient NHS, and greater investment in the life sciences sector; and accelerate the adoption and scale of innovation in the health and care system.

To access further information about the three ARIs and gain a better understanding of how the Government will achieve these goals, click here.


Ben Kemp