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DHSC: Red Sea Crisis

By January 24, 2024No Comments

Since mid-December there has been significant disruption to global container ship traffic travelling through the Red Sea due to Houthi attacks on commercial vessels.

The vast majority of major shipping companies are diverting around the Cape of Good Hope. DHSC understands this could add to journey times and increase shipping costs.

It is BIVDA’s opinion this evidences the need for robust business continuity plans, and our advice is for members with crucial products to liaise with DHSC early.

If you require updates or have any questions, please contact

DHSC would appreciate feedback on the following questions in order to collate intelligence on the level of disruption to supply chains caused by the current Red Sea crisis and how this is impacting medical products:

  • Are you enacting business continuity measures and contingency plans to protect continuity of supply? If so, can you provide details?
  • If you are needing to reroute, are you experiencing any barriers to alternative shipping or air freight, such as costs or capacity?
  • Are there any products which are currently or shortly due to be shipped to the UK which are at risk of stock out if disruption continues?
  • Do you have existing stock in the UK that is currently mitigating disruption to new deliveries?

Please send your answers to

Ben Kemp