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DHSC Design for Life Survey on Circularity in Healthtech

By July 28, 2023No Comments

As part of the DHSC’s Design for Life programme, a questionnaire has been developed to gain insight from industry to inform potential need and activity. We would appreciate if members could answer this short survey to ensure their feedback is noted.

BIVDA is heavily involved in Design for Life – a collaborative initiative between government, industry, the health and care sector, and academia to explore and identify practical actions that address the challenges of resource security and efficiency, supply resilience, net zero and single-use plastics facing healthtech in the UK.

This questionnaire will aid this work in deciphering the current landscape for suppliers, whilst highlighting particular areas of opportunity and challenge, the idea moving towards a more circular economy for our sector.

Please complete the questionnaire by Monday 11th September.

You can access the survey here.